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Our Ohio office is located in Fairfield, OH. We can travel all across the state of Ohio to provide environmental consulting.

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Here is an overview of environmental consulting services we provide to Ohio:

  • The Ohio office has managed and performed work at numerous sites in Ohio under both BUSTR and OEPA regulations.  Site activities include underground storage tank closure, emergency response, site investigation, remedial action plan preparation/implementation, and post-remedial sampling/monitoring,
  • The office has completed eligibility applications and reimbursement claims for over 100 sites in Ohio and Kentucky.
  • The office is ODOT Certified to perform Phase I Assessments, Phase II Assessments, and Remedial Design and has performed over 25 Phase I assessments under ODOT standards for the storage of building materials associated with ODOT road projects.
  • We have an OEPA Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Certified Professional on staff.  Staff members have completed Phase I assessments, Phase II assessments, and remediation at multiple VAP sites in Ohio.
  • Currently we have approximately 10 convenience store sites where we conduct all OEPA-required potable water sampling and reporting.  This office has four employees with OEPA Class A Operator certification.
  • Ohio Certified Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist.
  • Kentucky Certified Asbestos Management Planner.
  • Permit Renewal and Compliance Support – Clients include Mid-Market and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Office has a mobile remediation unit (MRU) for multi-phase extraction and several soil vapor extraction (SVE) skid mounted systems.  These systems can be operated by AEC or rented for use by others.

For a conversation, proposal request, or site meeting please contact Mike Alexander at 513-874-7740 and malexander@aecoh.com