Direct Push Services

Direct push drilling is an environmental drilling method which utilizes small-diameter sampling rods and tools. These are pushed directly into the soil using mechanical or hydraulic means.

Direct push drilling technology provides a number of advantages:

  • Little to no surface generation of waste materials. This is especially welcome in contaminated sites to reduce or eliminate the need for costly waste disposal.
  • Small size rigs. Push drill rigs can service hard-to-access sites inaccessible by conventional drilling rigs.
  • Fast penetration. Allows for speedy and efficient site investigation
  • Cost-effective. Due to its speed and minimal waste, direct push is a very economical environmental drilling method.

Direct push methods work best in unconsolidated soils such as silt and clay. It is best for shallow applications (up to 50 to 100 feet), although in ideal conditions it is sometimes possible to reach depths of up to 200 feet. Sites with unfavorable conditions such as highly compacted soil or a high percentage of gravel or cobbles may require alternative drilling methods.

Your Go-To Direct Push Experts

American Environmental Corporation provides direct push services through our environmental drilling division, American Drilling Services. Like all environmental drilling services, direct push demands the utmost attention to safety, compliance and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our staff’s technological expertise, experience and safety record, and we strive to provide quality services at competitive rates in a timely manner.

Direct Push Services We Offer

Direct push technology has many applications in soil sampling, soil gas sampling, ground water sampling and geochemical and geophysical sensing. Some of the direct push services we offer include:

  • Large bore discrete sampling: Highly reliable, cost-effective sampling using Geoprobe™ technology
  • Peristaltic pumping: For safe transfer of fuels and liquid chemicals without risk of contamination
  • ORC & HRC injection: Provides capability for on-site bioremediation of contaminated soil
  • Pressure grouting: Reinforce and/or reduce leakage and water flow through foundations and underground structures
  • Soil conductivity surveys: To determine the electrical conductivity of soil — an important measure of soil health and a key indicator for salinity management
  • Fully licensed and OSHA-trained operators: Safety, taken seriously, for the protection of our employees and clients, and for efficient, value-driven performance

Our Equipment

High-quality, well-maintained equipment is a must for delivering quality services efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. We maintain a comprehensive collection of push drilling equipment to provide best performance for a wide range of sites and applications:

  • Geoprobe™ and Simco™ probing units: The best on the market
  • 4×4 truck-mounted push drill technology: Able to access the most rugged, hard-to-reach sites
  • Macro piston rod sampler: Geoprobe™ technology designed to perform even in tough conditions beyond the scope of most push drills
  • 6610 DT track-mounted Geoprobe™: A highly mobile probing machine suitable for many specialized applications
  • 1- to 3-inch tooling for piezometers, sparge and SVE well points: The right size direct push tooling for any application
  • Stainless steel screen point 15 sampler and mill slotted water sampling: Meets ASTM requirements for decommissioning wells and borings

Need Direct Push Expertise? Contact Us

We provide comprehensive push drilling services throughout the Midwest through our Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio offices. For general inquiries, contact us here to learn more and get connected with the appropriate expert.