Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase I environmental site assessment is a thorough investigation of a property by a certified environmental professional for the presence of hazardous materials and/or site contamination. A phase I ESA is a recommended precaution in any commercial or industrial real estate transaction to evaluate any hazardous environmental condition that may exist on the property as a liability to prospective buyers.

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Who Needs a Phase I ESA?

Phase I environmental site assessments are an essential first step in environmental due diligence and are often required by lenders and other parties, especially for those wishing to qualify for CERCLA liability protection.

Most commonly, it is the buyer in a commercial real estate transaction who needs a phase I assessment. Whether or not the lender requires it, an ESA is an essential act of environmental due diligence that can protect you from costly liability.

Land owners, too, can benefit from having a phase I environmental site assessment done on your property. An existing ESA can be an effective marketing tool, relieving the buyer of this expense and facilitating the real estate transaction.

What to Expect From Your Phase I ESA

Your phase I site assessment will reveal the presence of any petroleum derivatives, chemicals or hazardous materials on the site. Soil, groundwater, air quality, building structures and other elements such as fuel tanks, abandoned vehicles, etc., will be investigated for contamination through a variety of approved methods, including:

  • Visual site inspection
  • Geological assessment (including soil type, water table assessment, etc.)
  • Historical records review (maps, aerial photographs, planning records, etc.)
  • Government records reviews (building permits, regulatory files etc.)
  • Environmental regulations research
  • Interviews (past and present occupants, government agencies, etc.)
  • Document review

You will receive a comprehensive report cataloguing any petroleum-based substances and/or hazardous materials present or likely to be present on site, including:

  • Hazardous substances
  • Chemical residues
  • Vapor intrusion
  • Asbestos-containing materials
  • Mold and mildew
  • Indoor air quality
  • Ground and surface water quality
  • Soil contamination
  • Impact on neighboring properties

We will also detail potential liabilities and include recommendations for remediation of any hazardous substances revealed by the assessment, so that you will not only know exactly what you are dealing with, but also will understand the potential costs associated with it.

Qualified and Experienced

Every one of our phase I environmental assessments is led by one (or more) certified staff member who meets or exceeds rigorous ASTM environmental professional standards. We are committed to conducting each assessment in the safest manner possible in full integrity with our mission and values.

Timely Results

Real estate transaction delays are not only frustrating, they can be costly, too. We understand your need for expedience and are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations for quality service rendered on time.

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