Environmental Consulting Throughout The Midwest

Founded in 1989, American Environmental Corporation (AEC) is a professional consulting, engineering and contracting firm specializing in environmentally oriented project management. We serve industrial, commercial, agricultural and government clients located in the Midwest, with multiple locations throughout the region:


Our technical staff is comprised of experienced professionals who have worked for a variety of environmental, industrial and governmental organizations. They are trained and motivated engineers, environmental scientists, geologists, natural resource and waste specialists, system technicians and regulatory compliance managers who are expertly prepared to provide client solutions for air, land, water and waste.

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Our Environmental Consulting Services

  • Emergency management planning: We work with counties and municipalities on all phases of emergency planning. We obtain funding for this work to eliminate fiscal barriers to emergency management planning.
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments: We provide full-service environmental testing and assessment on real estate properties. We understand the value of time when conducting any real estate transaction, and offer expedience as well as quality assessment work.
  • Environmental remediation: Our complete turn-key approach to soil and groundwater remediation services offers accountability and affordability with a fully insured vendor source.
  • Industrial waste removal:We are fully insured and equipped to handle all aspects of hazardous and nonhazardous waste management — including sampling and analysis, transportation, permitting and consulting.
  • Groundwater monitoring/remediation: We use EPA-approved methods of groundwater remediation and management for industrial, agricultural and municipal purposes.
  • Underground storage tank removal: From permitting to excavation, tank removal to site remediation, we offer a single-vendor solution for safe and compliant removal of underground storage tanks.
  • Environmental drilling: We offer a full suite of environmental and geotechnical drilling services. We are fully insured and experienced, and committed to providing quality service in a timely, efficient manner.

One Environmental Consulting Company With Multiple Divisions to Serve You Better

Environmental consulting is a complex field of expertise that encompasses many distinct services. To enhance efficiency of operations and better meet your needs, we have developed two discrete divisions to handle waste management and environmental drilling, respectively. Both of these operate as distinct arms of our mother company, American Environmental Corporation.

American Industrial Services

American Industrial Services (AIS) is a full-service environmental contractor. We specialize in providing industrial cleaning, waterblasting, waste transportation and disposal. Our clients include municipalities, manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, automotive, as well as state and local environmental agencies.

The success of American Industrial Services is based on our management team, knowledgeable and dedicated employees, and a commitment to high ethical and professional standards concerning safety and the environment. Our personnel have vast experience with regulations and the ability to solve environmental problems for our clients in a timely and efficient manner. By building relationships with our clients, we have the ability to customize solutions to meet their needs.

American Drilling Services

American Drilling Services (ADS) is an environmental and geotechnical drilling contractor.  ADS serves its clients by providing quality services at competitive rates in a timely and efficient manner. Our employees are experienced and highly trained, and strive for complete client satisfaction. We continually endeavor to remain on the cutting edge of technologies and regulations pertaining to the drilling industry.

Seeking an Environmental Consulting Firm You Can Trust?

We have provided high-quality environmental services to satisfied clients throughout the Midwest since 1989. To learn more about our environmental consulting services or to request a quote, call toll-free 1-800-877-4955, or contact us online today.