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Our Illinois office is located in Springfield, IL. We provide environmental consulting services all across the state.

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Some of the services we provide in Illinois include:

  • LUST Services. Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri LUST sites are managed through the Illinois Office under the supervision of professionals who possess registration or certification from these states. LUST services include:
    • Underground storage tank closure,
    • Emergency response,
    • Free product removal,
    • Site investigation,
    • Contaminant modeling,
    • Corrective action plan preparation & implementation
    • Reimbursement services.
  • Emergency Management Planning. Our specialists obtain grant money to help local governments throughout Illinois develop:
    • Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans,
    • Commodity (Chemical) Flow Studies,
    • Hazardous Materials Response Plans
    • We also help with Emergency Operations Plans and other vital services for emergency management professionals.
  • Remediation Systems. We install, operate and maintain remediation systems involving multi-phase extraction (MPE) / dual-phase extraction, pump and treat, soil venting, and soil vapor extraction (SVE) / biosparging. This office has two Certified Industrial Wastewater Treatment Works Operators (Class K).  We specialize in piping installation via directional boring / horizontal borings to minimize disruption and cost.
  • Public Involvement / Risk Communication / Community Relations. Our team of specialists has gained public acceptance and support on large and complex public sector projects as well as smaller projects in Illinois and around the Midwest. Highlights include:
    • Designed and conducted public involvement programs at remediation sites (Superfund and LUST) and major highway projects
    • Developed the guidance used for the voluntary Site Remediation Program (SRP) in Illinois
    • Mediated resolutions on projects that had stalled because of gridlock between the public and government agencies
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). Qualified Environmental Professionals conduct these assessments for public and private sector clients using the latest ASTM Standard E 1527-13 and All-Appropriate Inquiry (AAI). This experience includes environmental assessment services required for U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded, Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) and Small Business Administration (SBA) projects.
  • Landfill post closure monitoring and reporting. We help clients stay in compliance by conducting these activities in accordance with Illinois 35 IAC 807, 811, and 814 requirements.
  • Brownfields. AEC provides a “one-stop shop” for grant applications, area-wide and individual site assessment, and public involvement/community relations programs.       Our brownfields specialists use their experience from working within the IEPA and municipal governments to optimize results.
  • Mining Permit and Compliance Support. Geologists and professional staff collect and interpret data to determine hydrogeologic conditions, surface water quality and groundwater quality. Services also include environmental assessments and NPDES permit applications.
  • Asbestos Management. An Illinois Licensed Asbestos Inspector conducts inspections and procures abatement and demolition services for our clients.
  • Soil Vapor Surveys. Soil vapor intrusion regulations have been adopted in Illinois and AEC is at the forefront in conducting this type of soil survey at commercial/industrial properties as well as residential settings.
  • Environmental Permits & Compliance Reporting. Permit applications and compliance sampling and reporting are conducted under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Programs
  • Wetlands. Staff trained in wetland determination , delineation and mitigation activities have performed work at numerous sites in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin using Corps of Engineers criteria.

For a conversation, proposal request or site meeting, please contact Ken Miller at 217-585-9517 and