Professional Consulting For Environmental Issues

Has your client experienced wind-blown pesticides contaminating his organic crops? Perhaps arson or forest fire has reduced your client’s home to little more than a stinking pile of burnt plastic. Who caused the flood that ruined your client’s dry cleaning business, gas station or pharmacy?

And what can be done about it?

When complicated legal questions arise because of lack of government oversight, the criminal actions of an individual, or force majeure, you need the environmental legal services of American Environmental Corporation.

We have provided environmental remediation and waste removal for more than 25 years. Our scientists, technicians and engineers have seen every sort of calamity you can think of and many more that are completely unimaginable.

These environmental expert witnesses can be counted on to explain the most complex situations — and their solutions — in terms the layman can understand.

When your client’s only recourse is litigation, we offer environmental litigation support.

Legal Support Services for Environmental Issues

American Environmental Corporation specializes in environmental project management, including environmental cost recovery. Our services include:

  • Violation Assistance — Assistance in reporting spills and other environmental emergencies that pose a threat to public health.
  • Environmental Expert Witness — Our management team and staff have encountered nearly every hazardous situation you can imagine … and can speak clearly about it.
  • Litigation Support — We provide research and explanation of critical issues.
  • Technical Interpretation — How do environmental hazards affect your client or the public? American Environmental Corporation can explain it.
  • Cost Recovery Assistance — Although money can never truly rebuild lives damaged by environmental issues, our experts can help you assess the costs of recovery.
  • Third-Party Review — When the jury is uncertain, a knowledgeable third party can sway opinion. We are that knowledgeable third party.
  • Insurance Claims — Don’t let your client face foreclosure because of the costs of remediating someone else’s responsibility. That’s what we’re here for.

Why Choose Us As Your Preferred Environmental Legal Services Team?

Located in Indianapolis and serving Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois, American Environmental Corporation loves to clean things up. We have been removing hazardous contamination from America’s heartland for a long time. We are fully staffed with highly trained and accredited environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, systems technicians and regulatory compliance managers. Companies all over the Midwest rely on us as experts, and the courts will, too.

When you call us about your most challenging legal issues, you can be sure that our expert witnesses will do their utmost to help you “clean things up” and secure a favorable outcome for your aggrieved client.

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